Coordinator's Desk


Welcome to the Victorious family. This is the Mission and Evangelism Department of Victory Presbyterian Church and I am excited to invite you to partner with us to let the world know that because Jesus lives, every human being can also live eternally. (John 14:19). Our work is primarily focused on souls and we seek to infuse the gross darkness with the light of Jesus Christ. Here at Victory, we understand that only the love of God can make a human being complete and our mission is God’s mission proclaimed in John 3:16. Our task is defined and our calling is affirmed by Christ Jesus. As a church, we are driven by a global vision and we desire to prepare the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world (resonates with the Lausanne Movement).

This is the Gospel we preach: That God created us to be with Him; However, our sins separated us from God; Sin cannot be removed by good deeds; Paying the price for son, Jesus died and rose again; Everyone who believes in Jesus will be saved; Life that is eternal means we will be with Jesus forever. Considering the pricelessness of the task of soul wining, the church runs a fulltime evangelism office to ensure that the Great Commission becomes the central force that drives our ministry. We call it “Around the Clock Evangelism” wherein evangelism becomes a regular work of the church and for that matter every microsecond of human existence matters. This is an undeniable fact, time is running, many are dying without Jesus, and many more are living without Him and truly, ten million years cannot put a strain on the clock of eternity.

The theme for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for the 2018 church year (Let the Earth Hear) emphasizes Apostle Paul’s intense desire for the salvation of men in these words: How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Rom. 10:14). This is a clarion call to mission, a call to reach to unreached and tell those who don’t know. Victory Presbyterian Church provides several avenues for church members to engage actively in evangelism and missions. Some of these include: Prisons ministry, Hospital ministry, School ministry, House Outreach, Medical outreach, Radio broadcast, Sports outreach, Cinema Outreach, Placard outreach, Rural Missions and many others. Every Christian has a place in God’s mission and the church is calling on you to identify an area of ministry God is calling to you render your service. Again, be reminded that you have a role to play. You have been strategically positioned by God to reach your family, community, office space, your nation and the world at large.

Missions & Evangelism Coordinator
Tieku Sampson Mantey