Young Adult Fellowship

‘Christ in you, the hope of Glory’ – Col. 1:2


}  Vision

  • To impact positively on our peers both within and outside the church and to take-up responsible roles in the church, execute them effectively and efficiently to the realization of the church’s goals to the glory of God.


}  Mission

  • To promote the spiritual, morale and social wellbeing of the Young Adults’ of the PCG by addressing issues associated with mid-life challenges; develop the devotional life of our members and take-up leadership positions aimed at provoking revolutionary change and accelerated growth of the church.



To address issues permeating in the spiritual, economical, technological and social lives of the Young Adult to equip and empower them for the benefit of the church and the community/state.


}  History

o   The Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) is a generational group under the Young Adults’ Ministry (YAM) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

o   It came into being when the 2005 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana held at KNUST decided to create a new group for young adults in the church.

o   That decision had it that, the upper youth age be reduced from 35 years to 30 years and young adult age begin at 30 years and end at 35 years.

o   It was however agreed that the group be named Young Adults’ Fellowship and should be opened to all Presbyterians between the ages of 30 and 40 years

o   The objectives of the PCG Decision was to:

    • Attract, and sustain the young adults of the church who fell out of active church membership
    • Narrow or reconcile the disparity between PCG’s youth age bracket definition and that of the developed countries
    • Train, coach and produce effective and efficient young adult leaders to help in the realization of the church’s goals.


}  Expectations

o   Primarily to offer leadership (Assist the Church)

o   As enshrined in the existing YAF Constitution (Article 7)

§  Spiritual, Physical & Moral Well-being

§  Address & document challenges of midlife crises

§  Devotional life of members

§  Teachings of the PCG

§  Taking up leadership

§  Guild of Professionals Service,

§  Discipleship, Mission, PCG tradition & Culture, Resource Pool, Role Models


On the 20th of July, 2008, YAF was duly inaugurated as generational group within the Victory Congregation. The registered Members at Inauguration were 122 comprising 55 males and 67 females.

Currently, the Victory Presbyterian Church YAF has a membership strength of 300 registered members.


The fellowship meets thrice (3x) in a month to fellowship through various activities,  prayer and community involvement to enhance a holistic growth of our members.


}  Leadership

Our current Executive body is composed of the following:

    • Julia Anyanewaa Appiah               -             President
    • Daniel Ackah-Blay                            -             Vice President
    • Amma Ayiwah Sampong               -             Secretary
    • Akua Seiwaa Daaku                         -              Assistant Secretary
    • Michael Fianko Yeboah                 -              Organizer
    • Divine Laryea                                     -              Financial Secretary
    • Rebecca Odoi Laryea                      -             Treasurer
    • Joseph Quaye                                   -              Evangelism Coordinator


The Group meets on Mondays at 7:30-8:30 pm and on Sunday once a month after forenoon pm at the church premises.


RESPONSE: Fellowship In Christ

For more information call:

  • 020-811-8512              -           Secretary
  • 0244-660-319              -          President